Why Salt & Pepper?

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. 3:32 starts pepper
  2. No to salt!
  3. Vegeta!
  4. Racist spotted!
  5. White People Problems. We, Indians have too many spices to choose one
  6. Why africa and death?
  7. Chinese people almost never use black pepper in their cooking.
  8. Salt and pepper are the best inanimate insanity characters.
  9. After a bit of googling, i realized he didn't borrow one of his wife's clothes, it's a piece of clothing called cardigan apparently...

    +1 clothing skill
  10. Can we just go back to calling it savory?
  11. another show ruined by a weirdo
  12. You know, I enjoy a fine handful of sunflower seeds at about 2am.
  13. big mcthankies from mcspankies
  14. Why does musixmatch show me Why Salt and Pepper - It's Okay to be Smart lyrics
  15. It is a pity that healthy benefits are not mentioned at all regarding to pepper. That is probably one of the main reasons why people started to eat it and also why we should not stop it. I can not believe that Joe Hanson holds a Ph.D. E.G. Nutrition Today: January-February 2010 - Volume 45 - Issue 1 - p 43-47. Sorry to say that. Actually, a video like this is providing wrong information. Thereore, thumbs down.
  16. Why not salt and pepper?
  17. 0:46 that’s where you’re wrong (I was a weird 6 year old)
  18. Salt and paper is a famous restaurant in bwp pakistan😊
  19. Q:why salt and pepper
    A:because the king wants it.
  20. The narrator says that spices were used on meat after it started to turn, but the main use of spices was to treat the meat right after slaughtering the animal so the meat would not turn.
    This in Europe before they invented refrigeration: spices were used to preserve meat and salt was used to preserve fish.

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