Why Salt & Pepper?

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. i had a chef once tell me we use salt because it enhances flavor and pepper opens your taste buds.
  2. Always thought pepper was gross and could not for the life of me understand why it was so damn popular... well, now I know.
  3. Korean eats too much peppers. Not that peppers but most usually red one and often green one. Even though it was not traditional but it dominated 65% of our cuisine table.

    One Thai girl asked me why everything is so red in Korean food. Something needs to be done.
  4. So you like white hate black and love coloured. Ok
  5. So salty about pepper .
  6. Well the video is informative and well done, but I don't like the comedy's part.. but is ok.
  7. wowh
  8. In Hungary you'll find red paprika there too just as often as pepper :)
  9. I keep nutmeg and thai spice on my table.
  10. Hes just racist😞
  11. Pepper's great tho..
  12. What about inowrocław
  13. This is racist.
  14. You Just made salt sound Really Important
  15. This guy is Dan tosh in disguise that's why we don't hear from the tosh anymo
  16. In my country, we use almost all spices in everyday cooking
  17. Salt Lake City would be a goldmine to these ancient civilizations.
  18. in my household we grew up using soy sauce, chili paste, vinegar and sesame oil that sat together on a tray.
  19. The most common type of pepper used in Europe before the 16th century was actually long pepper:

    They are often mixed up with black pepper but it doesn't come from the same plant.
  20. I actually do not like taste of pepper and use monosodium glutamate and dried chili instead of these two.

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