Why Salt & Pepper?

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. Why fries and burgers?
  2. You say peppers main use was to cover up the taste of meat that is spoiling, but then in your other spices video you say it was probably a myth that spices were used like that. I wonder if it was actually true or not.
  3. The more I watch
    The more I want to die earlier

    The more I watch romance...
    The more I want to live
  4. Hot sauce on popcorn is really delicious
  5. Come to India! You'll find lots of spices!
  6. whats doritos made of salt pepper and flour
  7. Finally a white person who wants more from life than salt and pepper... Visit the Caribbean G... Shadon beni will change the way food taste forever lol
  8. For sure both are harmful in big quantity, but black pepper is way more bad for your health than salt, simply because it's cancerogenic.
  9. Dont we also eat calcium and iron
  10. You can't have salt and pepper without Cumin!

    Like if you get the reference
  11. Salt and garlic
  12. Lemon Pepper is the only good pepper. But I wouldn't eat it by itself. Just eat salt. #AnythingButPepper
  13. Ok, how about Palt or Sepper?
  14. Think this video is pushin it....
  15. Why pineapples on pizza?
  16. Here in Mexico is salt and chili, sometimes pepper though xD
  17. I love pepper so ima have to say yes to pepper and only light salt thanks
  18. Salt and pepper are my magic tools...the use other spices are added to them based on the recipe
  19. Can you really trip on nutmeg?
  20. It's almost impossible to eat too much salt, and also a salt reduced diet is dangerous, especially for those with heart conditions.

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