Why Salt & Pepper?

Why Salt & Pepper?

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. Welp, here it is salt and guacamole
  2. Its gandhi
  3. Lol that Rockbiter clip in the beginning. I love that movie...
  4. #It'sOkayToLikeSalt
  5. I know you only had just over 5 minutes, but even if we assume you've identified the source (Louis 14, and by extension French Cuisine) There's a TON of stuff that happened to cement that in western culture. For most of the country's history, America's top spices were nutmeg, ginger powder, and mustard powder. And that Trinity didn't get unseated until after the industrial revolution... I would have liked a better tie in rather than the salt rage.
  6. I love pepper.
  7. If papaya seeds are dried they make a good pepper substitute
  8. bored of pepper...welcome to india... or south asia :D
  9. I love black pepper
  10. Just wanted to correct one info and add some historical significance of pepper. While SE Asia is the largest producer of black pepper now, it is actually native to South India, specifically Kerala. Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer, found the first European sea route to India when he landed in Kerala in the late 15th century in search of this "black gold" which in turn resulted in the 450 years colonization of the Indian subcontinent by the Portuguese, the Dutch and lastly the British.
  11. 1:32 Wow! the Massai man is wearing an Arsenal cap and drinking blood!
  12. "The word ‘salary’ comes from the Latin word for salt because the Roman Legions were sometimes paid in salt." This is a myth, there is no evidence for this. It is speculated that the word salary does indeed come from salt, but the roman soldiers being paid with salt is a myth
  13. Pepper was not used to hide the flavor of bad meat. That is a myth. Nothing can hide the flavor of spoiled meat, which is a good thing since it will make you sick. If you could actually afford to import pepper back then, you could afford freshly butchered meat.
  14. The intro clip always sounds like a Trippie Red sample to me lol
  15. Joining the Anything but Pepper movement. 😂

    Personally I love turmeric and herbal condiments
  16. In Brazil, pepper isn't THAT popular, to the point where is a must. Black pepper isn't really popular, tbh, at least not where I live (keep in mind Brazil is very culturally rich and diverse), and we tend to use garlic, lemon, chili pepper and a lot of green stuff. Very strong and delicious flavours :)
  17. Man, you are salty about pepper :)
  18. I like pepper
  19. Pepper💛

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