What Happens If All The Bees Die?

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  1. I know NO MORE HONEY so save the bees
  2. Well, they were brought from Europe in 15XX, so I'm not sure they are 100% great, and there are different pollinators.
  4. Billy the bee! NOOOOOO!!!!!!
  5. This makes me sad i love bees theyre important to the environment. SAVE THE BEES PLEASE 🐝🌷
  6. The loss of bees can actually help many natural polenators. American settlers brought bees over. Did americas plants die before the settlers brought bees
  7. no if all bees die there are still other pollinators and African honey bees are the only 1 of 1800 bee species and are the only one with lowering population except bumblebees. which are dying from diseases from the invasive species African honey bees film theory has a great video on the topic search Film Theory: The Bee Movie LIED To You!
  8. But don't ants also do pollination
  9. Did anyone watch the film the happening. ... Somewhat related bro this with a twist ...
  10. Now i feel bad to all the bees i jave killed😞😭
  11. Hey you don't have to worry there are more pollinators like butterfly's and all that shit sure some foods will disappear but not us
  12. There are more pollinators than bees like ants,beetles,moths,butterflyand course some other bees. Honeybees are horrible for pur community for animals like some bugs that help pollinate. Honeybees are not native to America. They were brought by eourpeians for the honey.
  13. Poeple forget honey bees are not native to the United States. We have plenty of native bees and polinaters.
  14. Black mirror happens
  15. We'd make genetically modified bees or robo bees
  16. WOW! WATCH A BEE SAVE ANOTHER BEES LIFE... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m98uAwKuFd0
  17. I hate bees
  18. i hate bees
  19. So many lies. Bees are an invasive species.

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