What Happens If All The Bees Die?

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. Bees make our life...... our life...
  2. Breed more bees! Not poison them! SAVE THE BEES!
  3. No flower will attract any bee if this happens
  5. Couldn't we switch to butterflies for pollination
  6. So true
  7. We wouldn't die out right. We would have many people starve and our population reduce substantially. However, over the course of time new plants will evolve with different or new ways to reproduce. Maybe even some current plants will find new ways. It will equalize eventually, albeit possibly thousands of years. BUT...let's keep the bees please.
  8. The Chinese will survive.
  9. u like jazz
  10. “ if the bees die should we BEE worried?”

    😐see what you did there
  11. This video is the bees knees
  12. Someone should pay the bees
  13. No Pankakes and waffles :,,(
  14. So why don't we get other fuzzy bugs and make them adapt to reproducing
  15. I already installed the book asap SCIENCE
  16. Ty , this helped me with my hơmêwrok
  17. You have to treat your bees to keep them alive. Watch this video from Barnyard Bees
  18. Thefts and vandalism have rose also..thanks greed.
  19. But there is butterflies
  20. One thing I really wish that the scientific community would talk about more is native bees.There are thousands of species in the United States alone and many are EXTINCT, yep extinct. On the other hand honey bees are not native to North America, so when it comes to pollination it’s the Native bees we need to protect. Someone may say that protecting the honeybee will protect other species as well but one common solution is to plant “pollinator plants” which are European plants that native bees are not adapted to pollinate and that can become invasive species. So in The United States at least I think it’s obvious that thousands of species of native bees should be prioritized over one species of non-native bee. Humans Will Not die out without honey bees! Native Americans persisted and thrived for thousands of years and grew crops simply with the pollination of native bees and beetles.

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