What Happens If All The Bees Die?

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  2. butterflies also pollinate
  3. It's 2018 now -- these days we hardly hear about the declining of bees.
  4. But note, you’re not looking at other pollinating bugs, and are only focusing upon one of over 200,000 bees: the North American honey bee, a European possibly environmentally threatening insect
  5. Aren’t honey bees actually bad for the environment?
  6. Honestly let's be real here guys. Bees do help us live by growing plants by their pollen cycle. Then again they sting you. Hornets aka from asia or any other bugs like wasps and yellow jackets sometimes kills the bees. Keep the bees and kill the other type of wasps and such. Keep the bees! Kill the wasps! I don't know
  7. if all bees die, we all die
  8. The real question is....

    Can bees die?
  9. The aliens will be laughing their heads off at humanity how we killed ourselves
  10. We deserve extinction
  11. That a prediction that humanity will be dead soon
  12. Kill all bees they are invasive species and are killing all the other NATURAL polenators. This video is bull cr@p
  13. I had always thought that we would starve to death and there would be more overpopulation than ever because there wouldn’t be enough food.
  14. You realize that bees aren’t the only pollinator, some moths and beetles do the same without steeling nectar to make honey
  15. What came first the chicken or the egg?🤔
  16. save bees! they are important people
  17. you didn't do your research did you?

    your spouting a pack of lie's Sir. Bee's are a invasive species to north America brought here only for honey by settlers. and if they died out nothing would happen say for a lack of honey.

    Bee's are acuity chocking out half a dozen species of pollen spreaders that don't have black and yellow strips.
  18. Rice, nothing different then I guess
  19. dry
  20. Nice video, AsapSCIENCE! I have a question: what purpose do wasps or hornets play?

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