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Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

Join us | Philip Wollen addresses the St James Ethics and the Wheeler Centre debate - tell us in the comments what you think. Please watch the whole debate via Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Vietnamese captions are available (click CC) and you can get the speech transcript via **** If you would like to create a transcript in your own language and have it added to the video, please; 1. Go to 2. Paste the video link in 3. Paste the transcription text you have create 4. Press 'a' each time the relevant line is on screen 5. Email the timecoded transcript file to 'transcript -AT-' Our sincere thanks to Svetla Savitri (Bulgarian), Anna Rk (Catalan), Li (Chinese), Martin Ludvík (Czech), Dario Marino (Italian), Gregory Fessard (French), Chris AthensVegan (Greek), Moshe Sherf (Hebrew), Csaba Lehel (Hungarian), Agus Riady (Indonesian), Inês Caldas and José Rodrigues (Portuguese), Angelina Prokofjeva (Russian), Ni Ma-Vegan (Persian), Agata Rozumek (Polish), Laura Mialet, Cesar H, Miriam Loayza Mainardi (Spanish), The Vegan Initiative (Slovenija) and Hồ Ngọc Bảo Nhi (Vietnamese) for their translations. **** Vote for this on Reddit via ***** Who is Philip Wollen? (Find out more via; "Philip was vice president of Citibank, specialising in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions. At age 34, he was rated by Australian Business Magazine in their Top 40 Australian head-hunted executives. At age 40, he witnessed cruelty on such a colossal scale that it affected him profoundly. He decided to give away everything he owned with warm hands, and die broke. 'And so far, we are right on budget,' he jokes. Today he devotes his life to children, animals, the environment, the terminally ill, the homeless and the arts. He supports over 500 humanitarian projects in over 40 countries with schools, orphanages, shelters, sanctuaries, clinics, and scholarships. In 2005 he received the Order of Australia. In 2007 he was Australian of the Year, Victoria. The Australia Day Council said of him, 'Essentially a private man, Philip Wollen seeks no personal publicity but is not afraid to step into the limelight for a just cause.' " ***** Thank you kindly to for this footage.


  1. So moving and powerful! Thank you.
  2. How can I hold back the tears after such an emotional and articulate speech?
  3. I have recently added this video link to my chapter on why the world's peoples can and must evolve beyond eating flesh. I first listened to Philip years ago, but, this link missed my blog.
  4. Calling humanity a virus makes it hard for me to listen to you.
    You know, who also used to speak about people as pathogens and called certain people viruses and certain thoughts as diseases? Adolf Hitler.
    ''A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other organisms. Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea.''
    Just a simple Wikipedia definition. Why? To show you that whoever calls humanity a virus is a metaphorically speaking ideolog with an agenda, not a biologist.

    Your words are dripping with subjectivity and the desire to make decisions for others. ''10 000 entire species are wiped out every year because of one'' - maybe, but that is certainly not only because of meat consumption but a variety of reason including pollution and other heralds of industrial development. Even the enlargement of human oriented living spaces will negatively impact the survival of certain animals. Yet you live in a house, drive a car, use industrial products, wear clothes, use a microphone...

    First of all the decision regarding an universal good and bad is not yours to make. Certainly not, when it concerns my personal values. In my world killing to eat while heeding the rights of other humans - and humans only - is absolutely neutral. See, individual rights to free decisions baring infringement of the free rights of others is one of those established good things unlike your unwelcome imposement of imaginary ''animal rights''.

    The first steps of these ideologies is to denounce and possibly bann things one by one. But when you start noticing, that human expansion will ''kill'' other animals and ''entire species'' even while being somewhat careful and without meat consumption, what will you then suggest? Wiping out a part of the or the whole human race?

    Oh right, we are a only a virus, and a virus needs to be purified.
    You are a good case of a human mislead by a harmful sense of compassion.

    A sane human will put human interests first and before all others.

    Then without calling our race - yes you are human as well - a virus, we can argue about wether different ways of agriculture and nutrition may be universally beneficial to humankind and thus advisable to implement.
    As long as you behave like this, I am unfortunately unable to listen to you.

    I don't even want to start listing what's wrong with most the comments here.
    Also don't misunderstand, I understand the benefits of a more health oriented lifestyle favoring the protection of other species especially when their continued existence benefits humankind.

    I just detest this kind of person.
  5. How on earth could anyone argue with these facts. Man deserves a medal for those words
  6. The saddest thing is that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, people would still not give a sh-t.
  7. Such an inspiration talk
  8. Yes!!!! No animals on the menu!!! Thank you, thank you- no more crying, suffering animals❤️‼️
  9. this is our spiritual crusade!Greetings from Poland
  10. Thank You for stepping up.Here are So Many Vegans, Vegetarians we have to become more visible, so set up new norm.
  11. Best speech I heard in my life ! I'm stunt. Such a great man. Wow.
  12. Love love loved it!!
    PS. Will you be so nice as to write my next speech for me 😂😁👍
  13. “I believe an other world is possible!
    And on a quiet night I can hear her breathing...”

    Thanks Phillip Wollen! What a powerful speech!
  14. If animals are needed in ecological farming then it still does not mean that we have to eat them. With smaller and bigger diversion of livestock, ecological farming is possible.We do not need big animal farms and kill and eat animals!
  15. Good man! He said it all. ✌️🌱
  16. "name one desease that is caused by a vegan diet". That one made me laugh the hardest. Sugar is a 100% vegan product, wich causes diabetes. And also, pointing a finger at all people who eat grassfedbeef for slapping the tear-stained face off a hungry child just doesn't make sense at all. This clip is probably effective propaganda and a nice tearjerker for vegans, but needless to say factually incorrect. And that's a shame, because you can never trust a guy like this to try to tell the truth objectively, wich can be pointed out by listening to him for only ten minutes.
  17. GOD BLESS YOU...May people wake up in time...
  18. If I wasn’t already vegan I would turn instantly. This speech is incredible.
  19. Thank you Philip, and all the Animals Thank and Love you too.
  20. Bravo 👏

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