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Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

Join us | Philip Wollen addresses the St James Ethics and the Wheeler Centre debate - tell us in the comments what you think. Please watch the whole debate via Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Vietnamese captions are available (click CC) and you can get the speech transcript via **** If you would like to create a transcript in your own language and have it added to the video, please; 1. Go to 2. Paste the video link in 3. Paste the transcription text you have create 4. Press 'a' each time the relevant line is on screen 5. Email the timecoded transcript file to 'transcript -AT-' Our sincere thanks to Svetla Savitri (Bulgarian), Anna Rk (Catalan), Li (Chinese), Martin Ludvík (Czech), Dario Marino (Italian), Gregory Fessard (French), Chris AthensVegan (Greek), Moshe Sherf (Hebrew), Csaba Lehel (Hungarian), Agus Riady (Indonesian), Inês Caldas and José Rodrigues (Portuguese), Angelina Prokofjeva (Russian), Ni Ma-Vegan (Persian), Agata Rozumek (Polish), Laura Mialet, Cesar H, Miriam Loayza Mainardi (Spanish), The Vegan Initiative (Slovenija) and Hồ Ngọc Bảo Nhi (Vietnamese) for their translations. **** Vote for this on Reddit via ***** Who is Philip Wollen? (Find out more via; "Philip was vice president of Citibank, specialising in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions. At age 34, he was rated by Australian Business Magazine in their Top 40 Australian head-hunted executives. At age 40, he witnessed cruelty on such a colossal scale that it affected him profoundly. He decided to give away everything he owned with warm hands, and die broke. 'And so far, we are right on budget,' he jokes. Today he devotes his life to children, animals, the environment, the terminally ill, the homeless and the arts. He supports over 500 humanitarian projects in over 40 countries with schools, orphanages, shelters, sanctuaries, clinics, and scholarships. In 2005 he received the Order of Australia. In 2007 he was Australian of the Year, Victoria. The Australia Day Council said of him, 'Essentially a private man, Philip Wollen seeks no personal publicity but is not afraid to step into the limelight for a just cause.' " ***** Thank you kindly to for this footage.


  1. GOD BLESS YOU...May people wake up in time...
  2. If I wasn’t already vegan I would turn instantly. This speech is incredible.
  3. Thank you Philip, and all the Animals Thank and Love you too.
  4. Bravo 👏
  5. This is not a great speech. "Don't eat anything that lives, die instead". "Avoid vitamins and die even faster". There's no greed to eat meat as he says. One doesn't have to eat meat every day to understand that the brain is not working properly with grass in the stomach. You'll become the meat, like the cow. You'll become what you eat and vegetarians are weak people mentally and physically. I can claim this by experience because I know how they live their lives with their mind-sets.
  6. I tried going vegan, couldn't mantain it for some health issues, but there were also some other healt issues that improved by leaving animal products out of my regular diet. What Wollen shows us here is the pure love that humans can feel towards life itself, the lack of egoism, the intentions of making a better world for EVERYONE.
    We need to start thinking more like this, and spread the word, so the future can dawn upon a better world, and a better humanity.
  7. Going to play this at my next talk. <3 him.
  8. Iv watched this video so many times and it still brings me to tears so powerful!!
    "Earthlings" the movie Mr. Philip Wollen mentioned in this video
  10. Amazing speech, and I hope this turns more people into vegans. I am transitioning from vegetarian to vegan myself, and while it appears hard right now, I know that it is well worth it, and not half as hard as having to hear those screams in my head all night.
  11. Quit showing that bitch in the background smiling...

    I mean I don't know if she's a bitch or not but ffs, this isn't the kind of talk where you smile at the presenter the whole time, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  13. Humans in the future will look back and universally regard animal agriculture as one of the most archaic, barbaric, inefficient, and psychopathic of all the human traditions, eclipsing the holocaust, slave trade, and various other practices which reveal the darker side of the human condition.
  14. I totally do agree with Philip Wollen. All respect. Amazing speech. I'm not vegan, at least not yet, but I'm a vegetarian for a year now and feel great about that step in right direction.
  15. you see you have the right to be a vegan or vegetarian but leave the rest of us out of it. Cows pigs sheep deer moose and many other animals have a life I do understand that but did you also know that some people can't live very well on vegetables because their body needs more than just plants to survive, my father is one of those people. I also have a vegan friend and every time he goes on a fast he looks sickly. Hunting is a right that I have and so does everyone else, we are a poor family and we don't have much property but what we do have is a few rifles and bullets, one deer can feed us for months at a time, so you taking away our ability to feed ourselves and not only us but many others as well. You all can go fuck yourselves because I will not submit to your ways just because it is what you call "ethical" you self righteous pieces of shit.
  16. Le discours reste le même depuis toutes ces années, c'est la prise de conscience des gouvernements et du "GRAND" publique qui pourra faire changer les choses et merci à Philip Wollen et sa prestation lors de ce congrès pour faire un peu plus de bruit et résumer PARFAITEMENT tous les problème lié à la Violence sur les animaux. Réagissons, VITE !
  17. The world is going vegan!! :) :) :)
  18. Amazing!!!! Thank you!!! Bravo!!!!!!
  19. Puto amo. Nunca había visto el mundo y la esclavitud animal de esta manera
  20. Love it!

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