Biblical Series IV: Adam and Eve: Self-Consciousness, Evil, and Death

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

I turned my attention in this lecture to the older of the two creation accounts in Genesis: the story of Adam and Eve. In its few short paragraphs, it covers: 1. the emergence of human self-consciousness; 2. mankind's attendant realization of vulnerability, mortality, and death; 3. the origin of the capacity for willful evil, as the ability to exploit that newly-realized vulnerability; 4. the emergence of shame as a consequence of that realization; 5. the shrinking from divine destiny that occurred when shame emerged; and 6. the beginning of true history, with the self-conscious toil that life in history entails. Impossible. Amazing. Breathtaking. The only story that can perhaps match it in terms of impact per sentence is that of Cain and Abel, which we discuss in the next lecture: number five in this twelve part series. Patreon: Self Authoring: Jordan Peterson Website: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Producer Credit and thanks to the following $200/month Patreon supporters. Without such support, this series would not have happened: Adam Clarke, Alexander Meckhai’el Beraeros, Andy Baker, Arden C. Armstrong, Badr Amari, BC, Ben Baker, Benjamin Cracknell, Brandon Yates, Chad Grills, Chris Martakis, Christopher Ballew, Craig Morrison, Daljeet Singh, Damian Fink, Dan Gaylinn, Daren Connel, David Johnson, David Tien, Donald Mitchell, Eleftheria Libertatem, Enrico Lejaru, George Diaz, GeorgeB, Holly Lindquist, Ian Trick, James Bradley, James N. Daniel, III, Jan Schanek, Jason R. Ferenc, Jesse Michalak, Joe Cairns, Joel Kurth, John Woolley, Johnny Vinje, Julie Byrne, Keith Jones, Kevin Fallon, Kevin Patrick McSurdy, Kevin Van Eekeren, Kristina Ripka, Louise Parberry, Matt Karamazov, Matt Sattler, Mayor Berkowitz , Michael Thiele, Nathan Claus, Nick Swenson , Patricia Newman, Pisit Mongkolsiriwattana, Robb Kelley, Robin Otto, Ryan Kane, Sabish Balan, Salman Alsabah, Scott Carter, Sean C., Sean Magin, Sebastian Thaci, Shiqi Hu, Soheil Daftarian, Srdan Pavlovic, Starting Ideas, Too Analytical, Trey McLemore, William Wilkinson, Yazz Troche, Zachary Vader


  1. Oh, I'm liking this stuff about the importance of naming things. That shows up in works of fiction a fair bit. I'm a fan of the "Dresden Files" series by Jim Butcher, and in those books there's constant talk about "the power of True Names." Definitely seems to be a related idea.
  2. "Marx's critique.. was a serious thinker but... welll"

    i think Jordan meant to say, you can doubt that marx was a serious thinker.
  3. Well, when the very ancient story of Adam and Eve was translated from the late Sumerian / Babylonian into Hebrew, the word for "rib" lost its double meaning. I wonder if JBP would care to comment on the older version of the myths he's discussing here? Stories that hang around for millennia do tend to get highly refined.
  4. I love your bible studies, but knowing what i know is kind of annoying every time i hear millions of years ago, doesn't make sense but it's ok ill keep the good knowledge you have to offer
  5. 2:04:00 i wish DJP would rethink his attitude to angry men, calling them weasels etc is such a shallow view of the issue
  6. Like I said this is off topic

    But one of my favorite artists was Kurt cobain

    But that was obviously a different time period than today’s climate.

    But I don’t think Kurt cobain would take it kindly from dr Peterson to clean his room

    From what I’ve heard kurt wasn’t big on chores lol

    But he defiantly wasn’t lazy. And I’m not accusing dr Peterson of anything. I like him

    All I’m saying is that he potentially could be causing harm in the long run

    I’m sure he would be a realist about the situation

    Let’s put it this way. I’ve been watching Peterson Shapiro joe Rogan and a couple people like him for a couple of weeks

    And I seem to be on edge. A lot of anxiety Ill at ease. Not comfortable in my own skin

    I’m kind of a closet psychiatrist

    But I don’t know what it is.

    Partly I feel left out. Like almost in a delusional way I’m living through them wishing it was me.

    But I don’t know I seem to be wondering around aimless lost.

    Self conscious. Very very anxious
  7. This is off topic.

    But I don’t nessicarily believe in traditional evolution.

    I like dr. Peterson.

    But for instance that human beings and chimpanzees share a common ancestor

    I really don’t believe that

    But I possible believe in evolution in this sense. That let’s take dr Peterson as an example. But that his actions motivations etc really are hard to judge

    But I don’t want to sound looney or anything. But dr. Peterson to me is partly in the business of self help.

    I mean I know for instance he studied jung. Which I have just got done reading his autobiography

    And dr. Peterson is also obviously a psychiatrist

    But take the one book he wrote the 12 steps for living something like that.

    I didn’t read it and don’t intend to

    But whose to say that book in the long run is good for people.

    For instance in my view of evolution. Maybe some people should kill themselves. Or atleast get to a desperate point where the line between life and death is staring you in the face

    I’m not trying to sound shocking or anything.

    But with people who believe in evolution. If evolution is like this blind force that over a period of time creates the vast diversity of life. And maybe I don’t understand the theory. Maybe blind force is the wrong phrase. But with like random mutations etc

    Than wouldn’t it let’s say be evolutionarily bad let’s say to be a Jew in Germany during 1900 to whatever
  8. Also studying Buddhism and even Dr. Peterson himself.

    It is really interesting that Adam blamed eve.

    But like it’s not a nice character trait in the narrative.

    But obviously we’re human. And I guess it is a part of human nature to blame someone or a group of people for something.

    Also I don’t think dr. Peterson really discussed innocence and guilt in the story.

    Like what is the saying ignorance is bliss.

    Or even in a legal sense guilt and innocence. Or children are innocent.

    But I’m a Roman Catholic. One thing I looked up is original sin. I’m not sure how that comes into play. But I think it’s like we are co-conspirators with our ancestors.

    Anyway it’s obviously fascinating.

    This is off topic

    And maybe biased because I’m a man

    But it seems like everyone is vying for eve’s attention affection

    For instance if your god. How do u feel about your daughter talking to a snake

    Was god like a loving protecting parent of eve?

    Can god be jealous

    I guess to be blunt. Was god attracted to eve at all? In the story he doesent come across that way

    Again to be blunt. It’s like everyone really wants to get busy with eve
  9. Off topic

    And I’m not saying Jordan said this

    But I don’t find snakes a scary animal. Or repulsive

    Just off topic but for instance cock roaches I’m disturbed scared of. I find them repulsive

    And Jordan does talk about an evolutionary fear of snakes that they are seen as predators

    But obviously eve doesent mind the snake.

    Also I’m like a closet psychology scholar. But I’ve for instance heard that what we find repulsive in others maybe secretly what we don’t like about ourselves. And I dont think this is an absolute.

    But as an example with animals. If I’m afraid of cock roaches. Like I legimately would be hysterical around them. And I think it’s beyond being afraid of them.

    Maybe it’s a fascination with them. I’m not sure. But at least I’ve heard it said. That it might have more to do with me than them? Or at least the way I react to them might tell me something about myself?
  10. Sitchin answered the DNA Double Helix question. The goddess Ninnhursag was a geneticist (Sumerian mythology) who made humans from primate DNA and the DNA of another goddess. Sitchin interprets the myths literally, claiming the Sumerian gods were advanced aliens whose abilities were so super impressive that their stories have stuck with us for millenia. I'm not sure how right or wrong Sitchin was but the strange appearance of DNA strands in medical iconography throughout human history can be explained if man's creation was literal and the gods had intimate knowledge of scientific processes like genetic manipulation.
  11. 2:04:20 i just started laughing. Love you Doc
  12. Q&A: If you read this Professor Peterson, please respond. Do you believe in the human soul? Not the spirit, not the tenacity of human beings but the actual literal human soul, the one that enters at conception? If so, why? If not, why not? I would really like to hear your views, not in a roundabout way but a very deliberate and direct way.
  13. Peterson encouraged a virgin woman to go out and have sexual adventures? How about finding a quality man, from her church, instead of leading her down that path? Women who haven't had sex until they're married are usually happier and have lasting marriages. It's in their nature to become emotionally attached to a person they've slept with, especially for the first time, and when you cheapen that to nothing... the woman is unlikely to end up with a quality man in her life in which she has a lasting relationship. It's discouraging that Peterson believes you simply "can't say" to a person, especially a woman, who is more vulnerable, to wait until marriage to have sex. It's so contradictory, because he was also talking about how it's better not to live with a person before you get married. So, you don't live with them, you have casual sex, and...? I think Stefan Molyneux gives better advice to women on this than Peterson. He should know better. Incidentally, Adam was not a hermaphrodite, that's ridiculous, he was a man.
  14. I've been thinking about why being self-conscious, would be bad.- I think, being self-conscious is necessary for lying. At least, the type of lying that damns you.
  15. I wish Patrice Oneal and J.P. had a chance to debate (: lol. would have been the best debate in history
  16. @Jordan, As a control system engineer, it is obvious why God required Adam to name the animals. Adam is truly over the animals (as a controller to ensure system "life"). The naming is both certification that he fully comprehends the animal, saying what its true-name already was, and it shows the animal the thing that is truly their governor is both capable and profoundly above them. The controller must be capable.

    Many words like "cat", "dog" and "bird" are prior onomatopoeic. Cat is the hiss/yell the animal makes. Dog is the sound of the bark. Wolf is the howl. I do not think these are the names that Adam gave. I think these are the noises the creatures make.
  17. I sense there's a notion, behind your dream, Dr. Peterson, and its connection with: 'a photon knowing, 20 million years ago, that it's going to hit that eye.' Potentially it's a dream of an unknown unknown.

    Now I can only speculate, Why, in that sense, God knows ahead of time, you're going to defeat Satan in that Roman amphitheater, but I think it is something to do with playing, like the [positive] end game of deception, possibly an aspect of God, is to trick yourself into realizing you're God. And maybe that's the only way it can happen, eventually, through positive playing games, meaning games played with oneself endlessly, in aim of expansion of, well, consciousness. Maybe that's the purpose of games. To get better...

    Like either (1) God knew Adam and Eve were going to eat from the apple, and kind of played the innocent, to 'punish them' and have that be their motivator, OR (2) he didn't know, honestly, and that was an aspect of His motivation: " I don't know where this is going to go, and maybe that is why it makes what I am doing more powerful than anything I have ever done before." I don't know which is more interesting. (1) says time is made relative, and perceptible to humans, in the way that it is, because humans experience the present and living in the present as a function of being surprised by the future, and that god, or an aspect of god, knows the photon is going to hit, or you're going to be victorious over the devil, because his foreknowledge, is implicit in the design. (2) says Chaos was, at some point in time, not fully incorporated with God, in a conscious way, and potentially that is true to the nature of chaos, but also that 'incorporating Chaos' suddenly became a contender for top of the dominance hierarchy in the game of "becoming God". That also says that God is dynamic. Maybe we have the opportunity as a collective consciousness taken across time, to improve and expand, and essentially participate, in the Cosmos's main aim: "Becoming the godliest of Gods". That resonates with me for some reason.
  18. Gnostic
  19. “At this moment it seems as though science will never be able to raise the curtain on the mystery of creation. For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.”
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