Americapox: The Missing Plague

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. You, my friend, are amazing.
  2. F*** that is SO INTERESTING, this video gives a lot of MUST-KNOWN informations that are... most-unknown!
    Wanted to give 10 thumbs-up but only one allowed.

    Can't believe I just learned so much high level decisive informations about civilisation, cities etc in only one short video.
    Did you all knew all that? Am I the only one to wake-up from sleeping about direct link between cities and domestic animals? And about origin of plagues? Not talking about how colonisation was made possible easy and fast... Maybe because I'm European and then never was taught anything like this.
  3. Cows came from the Aurochs, which was pretty much a buffalo...
  4. We're top chicken
  5. Arent you forgetting chihuahuas in the americas?
  6. I think the lack of differentiation between bacteria and viruses in this creates some confusion. People don't really build great immunities for bacteria, and so they are not really carriers once they are cured. Immunities and carriers applies more to viruses, although it has a lot more to do with how many versions of the disease exist which are distinct enough that your body does not recognize them. This is why we will never cure the common cold, as there is about 50(I think) or so versions of it at any one time. Cholera is a bacteria, so you can keep getting it. While viruses jumping from animals to humans is very rare, bacteria jumping to humans is very common. Pink eye is common to get from animals when alive, while a number of bacteria such as samonella are common to catch from undercooked animals. This is such a common phenomena that one coulllldddd argue its the foundation of the eating practices of some of the major world religions (coullllddd argue). Bacteria are just single cells so as long as they find a food source they can jump to whoever. Viruses are specifically desiged for certain cell receptor sites and will stay inert forever unless they float by these receptors (or they fall apart).

    None of this changes the overall conclusion of the video, but now that I think about it maybe a bacteria v. virus v. fungus v. parasites would be a cool video
  7. Don't want to be that guy bit its a bison not a biuffalo
  8. "Plagues Welcome!"

    If the town sign says that below the name... best just turn around and drive the other way. And watch out for zombies!
  9. You should also talk about how rats DID NOT SPREAD THE BLACK PLAGUE. The fleas that carry it DO NOT naturally inhabit humans or rats they normally inhabit dogs rabbits cats and many other lager creatures rats can easily clean them off but if you have a infestation they easily swarm on humans and rats yet RATS where not even in those areas yet and rats on their own WILL NOT travel more than 300 sq feet from where they are born on their own rabbits on the other hand easily travel distances between towns along with dogs and even fur traders.
  10. Best summary of "Guns Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond I've seen till date.
  11. 6:55 what a legendary horse
  12. Love the civ reference near the end👌👌👌
  13. this video is based on a book called Guns, steel and germs
  14. Smallpox, was just a start. Yellow Fever and a flu epidemic (aka consumption) definitely added to the butcher's bill and it didn't care who it killed.
  15. Didn't the Europeans get an STD from the Americas?
  16. Let's just kill every aquaduct / sanitation / bath architect these puny Romans have. True barbarian style. We can poop in the river. What can possibly go wrong
  17. Fucking European savages
  18. A tangent: Horses originated in North America and spread to Asia-Europe before becoming extinct in America.
  19. What about syphilis? Its the gift from the New World that keeps on giving!
  20. This is probably the best video i’ve watched this year

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