Americapox: The Missing Plague

Reproduction, l'alimentation, le traitement, l'apparence

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  1. We could realy use one about now -_-
  2. I love when i get horses, cows and wheat in my starting location. Good growth and production to kick start your civilization.
  3. This is a nice synopsis of Jared Diamonds work. But I find it odd that he is never cited... any ways read Guns Germs and Steel. Also please cite relevant work in the future as this is an intellectual theft.
  4. These reasons are why war elephants aren't a thing...... Wait a minute
  5. Greenland Scoffs
  6. Great Video😊
  7. Thank you Grey for the nth fantastic piece of video. You rock dude :D
  8. Europeans are bunch of filthy group of people. They dont shower everyday and they are loaded with diseases.
  9. Ummm, so if CITIES are what cause plagues... explain Cahokia...
  10. I agree with almost everything but here's something: could you also be somewhat glossing over the fact that millions of Eurasians also had to die from endless awful and terrible plagues just to have their own offspring eventually become immune from those pathogens. Isn't that just tragic Darwinism? Surely there is both tragedy in the old and the new world besides Europe's very obvious piss poor mismanagement of cities?
  11. Sorry I didn't know plagues were the god damn First Flame of Gwyn
  12. Didn't syphilis come from south america?
  13. Cow.
  14. how are you suppose to lose a plague
  15. This begs the question.
    Who fucked a Llama?
  16. 4:47 cute lol cx
  17. God made the Wild and Domesticated animals, all avian creatures and the ones on land and in the sea for Man to subjugate . don be stupeh!!!!
  18. lmao the civ tiles were cute
  19. Syphilis was spread by natives, but it was not as horrific as European diseases.
  20. But what about Turkeys? Turkeys were plentiful in the new world and they're basically just big chickens! The Europeans immediately domesticated Turkeys and brought them back to Europe when they found them.

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